The age of the property is not a factor

Posted by Geoff on Tue, Sep 08 2015 09:24:00

Age is not a factor when buying a new house In melbourne

If you’re buying a house in Melbourne and the building is not very old, you might think the property is good to go. You might be wrong. Building defects can obviously occur in old houses and often do but just because the house you wish to buy is not old, doesn’t mean it’s fine. And as buying a house is by far the biggest investment most of us will ever make, a professional building inspection means you don’t get burnt.

What are you buying?

What indeed? To most purchasers, looking into every room, under the house, in the ceiling and over the roof is not only difficult; it can be a complete waste of time. What are you looking for? A professional building inspector knows what to look for and where to find it. If a defect or flaw or problem exists, the pro knows where to go.

But to answer your question, you are buying two things.

  • An expert analysis of your intended purchase both for today and tomorrow and
  • Peace of mind

Let’s take the second benefit first. You’ve chosen your new home and before you pay up you lie awake at night wondering if there’s a fault or faults in the building which will cost you big time once you take possession. By employing a leading Melbourne building inspector, you immediately gain peace of mind. You can forget worrying about potential or actual problems. If they exist they’ll be named and explained.

The first benefit is a double-barreled reward. The inspection not only uncovers any existing defect but also points out any current situation which, unless attended to now, could cause you problems down the track. Take certain interior lighting as an example. If badly installed or aligned, it could be dangerous at some time in the future. It could even cause a fire. Your building inspection is giving you immediate help and help for the future.

Looks can be deceptive

Many would-be purchasers rely on their so-called eagle eye. They study the wall coverings, the flooring and in the bathroom they run the taps and check the drainage. In a new-build or fairly new house, often everything looks shipshape and sparkling. But looks can be deceptive.

What about the drains? What about the guttering? What about the foundations? What about any number of things about your property? You can’t see many of them without knowing how to obtain access and, assuming you can gain access, you don’t know what to look for or test. Don’t rely on your untrained eye.

Finding the ideal building inspector

If ever a trade relied on a reputation it’s this one. How long has the building inspector been in business? Does the inspector deal with all types of properties? Is the inspector in demand? Will you get personal service from an owner-operated business?

If the inspector has a high Google rating it’s because the work done is expert, the pricing competitive and the service first-class.

We’ve all heard about cowboy builders. The same rule applies to building inspectors. To get the most extensive assessment of your new home in Melbourne and the most detailed report possible, work with the best in the business.

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